So you want to be Peppy?

Beautiful idea! Who wouldn't want to combine success with meaningful work and some peppy fun? But, we bet you’ve got questions...

What is Peppypotamus?

Peppypotamus is a children's pre-loved and new mercantile that caters specifically to children newborn to 12 years-old. We provide a place where parents can buy, sell, and trade their favorite fashion pieces, toys, gear, accessories, and more! Peppypotamus offers a spot where parents can outfit their children head to toe without breaking the bank all while saving millions of items from landfills! We believe giving back to the community is vital and mixing fun with meaningful work is doable!

Pretty peppy, huh? Meet The Sanne's, our founders and CEOs, and learn more about what got us where we are today.

How can a franchise be free?

We believe in YOU. It's as simple as that!


We believe in propelling people with dreams into the successful business owners they've always hoped to be. By offering a zero dollar franchise fee it opens doors of possibility that were once just a distant vision. Instead of charging an unattainable franchise fee Peppypotamus takes a percentage of gross sales each month allowing more people to become the entrepreneur they've always envisioned themselves as. 


Why open a Peppypotamus?

Why reinvent the wheel or fight trial and error for years? Why not become a successful business owner from day 1?


When you start a Peppypotamus you're not creating a business model from scratch. You're joining a team that gives you the liberty of ownership with the security of proven success.  You get the backing of a full team whose main mission is to help YOU become successful and all the inside secrets that make Peppypotamus a leading front in children's pre-loved mercantiles. 

Let's get Peppy!

If you’re interested in exploring a Peppypotamus franchise further, let’s chat! Please fill out our inquiry form to let us know a little bit about yourself. We promise to be in touch soon to answer any other questions you might have and outline the next steps in the franchise process.

Let's make life Peppy!