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A Mom's Guide to Road Trips

Embarking on a fun family road trip with kids can be an exciting opportunity to make cherished memories that will never be forgotten. It is important to choose family-friendly destinations that everyone in the family will enjoy. This type of adventure takes some careful planning, and your travel plans should take the ages of the children into account when deciding on food, sleeping accommodations and other pertinent details involved in road trip planning.

Family-Friendly Destinations

Choose family-friendly trip destinations for best results. Look for places that offer a variety of kid-friendly activities and safe accommodations. Some to consider are Orlando, FL with its spectacular theme parks, or take the family camping at a beautiful natural park that has famous landmarks such as Mount Rushmore with stunning scenic views. Other destination ideas for family adventures include the Virginia Beach region with gorgeous beaches and lots of kid-inspired activities and sights.

Traveling With Kids

There are some special considerations when taking young children on a family road trip. Make plans to take frequent rest stops, pack travel worthy snacks, have plenty of kid-cherished driving activities and games and stop for meals at family-style dining establishments. It is essential to have a vehicle that offers plenty of leg and wiggle room to seat the entire family comfortably. While a minivan offers plenty of room for the family, an SUV is more reliable for navigating mountain roads. Most SUVs boast comfy seats, extra driving amenities and provide more luggage space. Have plenty of diversionary tactics to counteract the grouchiness and aches from too many hours on the road. Invest in good-quality earphones that can allow each child his/her own music, movie or audiobook favorites.

Planning Ahead to Make Fun Memories

Always take enough time to research where you are going for your family road trip. Share interesting facts and pictures of things you will visit and do with your kids beforehand to get them feeling excited about their trip. It is often more cost-effective to RV, camp out or find vacation cottages with an equipped kitchen where meals can be cooked. Scout out local attractions, and always plan a rainy-day activity if your trip destination relies on being outdoors.

With a bit of planning, some motherly creativity and a comfortable ride, your upcoming family road trip can truly be amazing. By the time the trip begins, you can relax, breathe and enjoy this time with your family.

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