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Common Self-Soothing Techniques Toddlers Use

As a mom, you are always trying to make sure that your children have what they need. But sometimes it is hard to know what they need and whether you can do anything to help. Toddlers tend to be developing tools to soothe themselves when they are feeling frustrated. When you can recognize self-soothing behaviors you can help your child to be more comfortable and have more support when they need it.


One method that many toddlers use is stroking as a tool to calm themselves down when they are feeling stressed or worried. If you notice this behavior, it is important that you allow them to continue with it. But you also want to start paying attention to the kinds of situations that cause this to happen. When you know what is bothering your child you can figure out when to intervene and what you need to do to help them. In some cases, your toddler will be able to self soothe themselves and get back into a good headspace without your intervention.


Many toddlers will also participate in sucking behaviors in order to calm down. A common example is thumb sucking, but they could also use a blanket, pacifier, or their hand. While this behavior can help to calm your child down, it can also potentially lead to other issues. According to Mi Smile Journey Orthodontics, thumb sucking can cause the bite to become misaligned, which can lead to changes in face shape and speech impediments. If you notice your child sucking their thumb frequently, you may need to help them find new ways of soothing themselves.

Moving Their Legs

You also may notice that your toddler is moving their legs a lot when they are laying down and feeling frustrated. Baby Center reminds us that this technique can be very effective at calming them down and can also get rid of excess energy. If you notice your child calming themselves in this way, remember to give them positive reinforcement. As your child gains the skills to help themselves and deal with big emotions they will become more developed as a person.

Self soothing is an important skill that your children need to develop. You just want to make sure that they are doing it in a non-harmful way and that you are there to offer support when they need more than just their own help. Pay attention to the way your child calms themselves so you can learn about what they need.

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