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A Quick Guide to Creepy Crawlies Commonly Encountered by Children

While you might take precautions to prevent it, sometimes bugs and other critters make their way into your home. You need to be aware of which critters to watch out for in order to protect your children. Most insects are going to be safe, however, we’ll discuss the most common ones your child may encounter down below.


Ants are some small creepy critters your child may run into, but don't let their small size fool you! There are over 12,000 ant species across the globe, ranging from a small ant you might find in your picnic basket to ants that build entire fortresses in the rainforest. One interesting fact about the ant is that it is one of the world’s strongest creatures relative to its own body size, with the strength to carry roughly 50 times their own body weight. Some species even work together to move even larger objects as a collective.

While ants are interesting insects, they can be frustrating to deal with, especially when they end up in your home. When ants make their way into your home, they usually do so in search of food. Limiting the availability of food in your trash and taking care of spills promptly will go along way in preventing ants from entering your house. Another simple way to prevent ants from entering your home includes putting caulk on areas that are not tightly sealed.


Another creepy critter your child may encounter includes spiders. Spiders are actually known as arachnids, not insects. Most spiders create silk which they then use to spin webs and trap prey. While certain species of daddy long-legs create chemicals that can be poisonous to small predators, they pose no risk to humans, including children.

Black widow spiders are far more concerning than daddy long-legs. Black widow spiders rarely cause fatalities; however, if you are bitten, they can cause nausea and muscle aches to occur in the body. They are frequently found on webs that are haphazardly spun outside of the house. Should you find a silk sac on the porch of your home, extermination may be necessary. It can be tricky to control the spider population, but, depending on the species that live around you, it might be worth making an effort.


Caterpillars can be merciless pests if you intend on growing crops; however, they generally don't do any harm to your children. There are various types of caterpillars. They include the monarch, the black swallowtail, giant silk moth, wooly bear caterpillar, and the wooly bear tiger moth. An easy way to get rid of caterpillars is to get rid of moth eggs as soon as you spot them. Garlic is a substance that will naturally kill caterpillars. Another non-toxic way to get rid of caterpillars includes filling a spray bottle with some water and some dish soap and lightly spraying the affected areas. Doing so will kill the caterpillars without harming your plants.

As you can see, most of these insects are harmless to children or only cause mild issues. In any case, now you can remove the offending insects once and for all!

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