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Contact Information Your Children Should Memorize and How to Help Them Do It

If your child gets separated or lost, would they know how to find their way home? Teaching your children important contact information will keep them safe during an emergency. To keep your children safe, you should teach them to memorize their home address and home phone numbers. As a parent, you should use an ideal way of assisting your child in memorizing these details and staying safe in case they are lost. As a parent or guardian, you should involve the children in different activities so that they can use their motor skills to master the contact details.


Helping your child learn the important addresses which include home addresses, work addresses, and close relative addresses is the first step to their safety. The addresses will assist them in finding their way back home. You can assist them in learning the home address by letting them draw the map of the neighborhood. You can also use games like stomp it out to identify the various houses in the neighborhood and find their way home.

Phone Number

Your child should also memorize your phone numbers. For example, there is a chilling story from Ohio, where a mother was shot, and her 4-year old child was abandoned on a highway by the assailants. The boy benefited from memorizing his father's name, address, and phone number.

You should help your own child to memorize phone numbers and an emergency contact list. According to Flora Stuart, emergency numbers such as 9-1-1 and Poison Control, as well as your work and cell phone numbers, are essential for your child to know. You can teach the children on what to do when contacting the emergency services.

Memorization Techniques

To assist your child, you can use some of these activities to memorize the contact details such as phone numbers and addresses. These activities are important to activate a child’s motor skills, such as communication and literacy skills. For 3, 4, and 5-years-olds, you can start by clapping out the phone numbers. The children may be taught the numbers while clapping to a rhythm. According to Encouraging Moms at Home, you can also make a rhyme to which they can sing the numbers. However, the most vital is assisting them in dialing the numbers on a real phone.

As a parent, you will always be at peace, knowing your child is safe. Always make the activities fun so that the children can learn the contact details as a part of a game.

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