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Tips for Helping Your Child Be Comfortable Riding a School Bus

If your child is starting kindergarten or your older child will be riding the bus for the first time, there can be a lot of worries both parent and child may have. Children tend to get nervous about things that are new to them. As parents, we worry that our child will be scared or upset and have trouble adjusting. A great way to calm everyone’s nerves is to utilize some tips for helping your child become more comfortable riding the bus.

Discuss Concerns

A few weeks before the first bus ride, you should have a discussion with your child about what they can expect when riding the school bus. You can walk them through the entire process. Ask them if they have any questions about what will be happening. You can also talk to them about potential problems they might encounter, and the two of you can come up with solutions together. If something does arise, your youngster will already know a few options regarding what they can do.

Teach Them How to Be Safe

According to Brauns Law, school buses are regarded as some of the safest vehicles, but it's still important to exercise care to prevent injury when entering or exiting them. You should teach your child the various safety rules that they'll need to know while riding the bus. Children must learn to stay seated, and this simple concept should be strongly emphasized. It’s likely that their bus driver will discuss these rules on the first day of school, but nerves can keep your child from absorbing everything that first day.


It helps to have all of your bus information available to you well before the first day of school. You can call the local bus garage to find out your child’s bus number, pickup location and the time they will be picked up and dropped off. Have your child memorize this information. You should also have it handy for them in their backpack in case they forget. Review this information a number of times before school starts. According to TrackSchoolBus, this is also a good time to go over traffic safety information with your child.

If your child still has concerns regarding riding the bus or you don’t feel they’re quite ready, you can contact the bus company for more information. They may be scheduling a practice ride for the younger kids before school starts. If not, you may be able to stop by with your child to see one of the buses.

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