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What to Do When Your Child Is Getting Their First Pair of Glasses

Your child getting their first pair of glasses is a major milestone that can change their life for the better. However, it can also teach a whole lot about responsibility and self-esteem. Getting used to wearing glasses takes time, but your child can learn to see the worth of having improved sight. These are ways to help when introducing your child to glasses.

Getting Comfortable

Even if glasses are fitted properly, they can still cause some initial discomfort in the form of self-consciousness for your child. They might be worried about being targeted for bullying based on their new appearance. To help them feel more confident, show them famous figures who wear glasses, such as actors, musicians, and world leaders. You can also show them age-appropriate movies and television that depict people wearing glasses as heroic and confident. If anyone tries to bully them for their glasses, your child can have the inner strength to not feel affected by these words.

Eye Exams

Eye exams are an excellent way for your child to demonstrate their ability to sit still and follow instructions. Many parents find their children's vision problems as they get older, so regular exams should be scheduled. Scheduling exams in two-year intervals is a good way to plan things out. Look for an eye doctor who has experience working with children and helping them to feel comfortable. This can be a very fun and enlightening process for everyone. Your child might love being able to assert their authority by being able to say which chart is more readable. Ask them if they would feel more comfortable if you were in the room while the test is being administered.

Keeping Track of Them

Your child's glasses are their responsibility. They need to make sure they keep them in a safe place when they're not being worn. Have them keep them in a case which they put in a secure location, such as on their nightstand. If they need to take them off for things like swimming, they need to keep them in a place that won't let them be lost or stolen. Children crave to be seen as responsible, and having glasses is as good of a test of responsibility as any.

If you've worn glasses for a long time, you probably hardly notice them. Glasses can be a major boon to your child's performance in school and other activities. When they're getting their first pair, they'll be headed into a world that's clearer and even more exciting.

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